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Call+1-844-659-0555 – Our Guide to Accessing Netgear Router Setup

Loaded with great features and providing such ease of connectivity, it is no wonder that wireless routers are quickly becoming an important device. This holds true for any sort of environment, be it a business one or a home one. Wireless routers help you connect several computers simultaneously to the internet in one go and that too, wirelessly. Plus you get the extra advantage of file sharing. However, there are some problems that people face which they think requires Netgear support. These problems include Netgear router setup, adding Ethernet hubs and accessing your Netgear router setup. The following article will lay down the steps that will guide you in accessing your Netgear router setup.

Step by Step Instructions for Personal Netgear Support

Your Netgear modem and router setup utility is not something you can open and access directly on your computer. To access this, you need to open up your web browser. You will be required to type in the IP address of your device in the browser window like the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. After you type in the address, you will be directed to a login screen that will allow you to secure as well as rename your existing networks while configuring ode important features of your network. The following steps will help you in accessing Netgear router setup:

• The first step requires you to open up Internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox i.e. any web browser that you may be using.

• Type in either or in the address bar of your preferred web browser. You will now be directed to the login screen which will ask for a username and password.

• Type in the username and password. This is the information which you configured when you first setup your router. In case your router is a new one or you have not changed the information, the default ones would be admin for username and the password can either be 12345 or password.

• Your setup utility will now load as soon as you log in.

The following steps demonstrate how easy it is to perform some tasks for which you would otherwise seek out Netgear router support. The above steps hold true not only for Netgear routers but also Belkin routers, Linksys routers and D-link routers. This means that you now can do away with Linksys support, Belkin support and D-link support, thereby saving yourself time and your precious money.